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LOITE S.r.l.

LOITE S.r.l. is a consulting company specialized in providing support to the training and consulting needs of businesses, internationalization processes, local development, support for innovation. In these areas the company assists SMEs and large companies in various production sectors.

Consultant for private clients and beneficiaries of European and regional projects, LOITE S.r.l. guarantees services for the improvement and enhancement of the effectiveness of corporate strategies, processes and operations, offering specialist advice, including legal ones.

LOITE S.r.l. is present in BOLOGNA at its main office, in MODENA with a permanent operational office and in various countries of the European Union and Eastern Europe through a consolidated network of relationships with institutional and entrepreneurial subjects. It mainly deals with business consulting, people management, internationalization and local development.

European Knowledge Institute, z. s.

The European Knowledge Institute (euki) is a Czech non-profit organization that provides following services based on current market demand:

    • development of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills among students and people in productive age,
    • mentoring and coaching of experts working in start-ups,
    • development of critical and social thinking among students and people in productive age,
    • development of competences and democratic values among high school- and university students,
    • education towards environmental responsibility and circular economy principles,
    • training of practical skills required for successful project management.


Experts from the European Knowledge Institute cooperate with notable Czech companies, start-ups and public institutions. The euki team is ready and able to provide innovative services for development of entrepreneurial and social environment. The euki team also closely cooperates with Czech universities mainly in the field of business development, critical thinking and social tasks. Experts from this non-profit organization have extensive experience in management and delivering of key national and international projects.


Smart Nest is a consulting firm based in Riga, Latvia. The company is heavily invested in digitalization and new and innovative technologies. The company employs the most recent E-learning development solutions and incorporates new and innovative tools into the E-learning course modules, such as interactive videos. Smart Nest’s primary focus is the creation of interactive E-learning modules using cutting-edge authoring tools. Interactive E-learning entails a lot of visual materials, such as photos, short videos, and/or various quizzes. All materials have the potential to include interactive solutions. Employees at Smart Nest have extensive experience designing and implementing international projects. Smart Nest has years of experience working with business start-ups, as well as the preparation and evaluation of business ideas, business models, and business plans.