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MODULE 2 - The principles of Project Management


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1. Projects are led by a...

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2. How many phases are there in project management?

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3. Project outputs are classified into three types:

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4. The Project canvas is…

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5. A Gantt chart is…

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What actually is a project? Take a minute to consider some of the many things You have performed in Your life. Perhaps You organized a birthday celebration or a wedding, or perhaps You planned a trip to Japan? Maybe You designed a house plan? Whether You realize it or not, You have been honing a variety of abilities and needed knowledge that can help You to become an outstanding project manager at work or for Your own company, or for any other organization. This learning module will provide You an overview of project management and teach you the principles of it. And, of course, assist You in obtaining employment or progressing in Your career.

Let us show you some useful tools to successfully manage your projects. The process of leading a project from start to finish is referred to as project management …