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MODULE 3 - Time Management


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1. Procrastinating tasks for a sound time management is …

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2. For a proper time management which behaviour is more appropriated?

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3. For a sound time management multitasking is …

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4. SMART goals have to be …

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5. Delegating for a sound time management is …

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6. The main benefits of delegating are:

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Probably one of the most challenging things to master when you’re working from your own home-based office is managing your time effectively. It’s easy to become distracted by the external noise of everyday life that constantly surrounds us. In this chapter, we’re going to look at some of the things to consider so that you can maximize every moment spent working, rather than allowing the sands of time to slip through your fingers, never to be retrieved again. 

Time is finite, and you can never get it back again. If you allow yourself to become distracted by even the smallest, insignificant things, when you’re meant to be doing something productive, it can take a while to play ‘catch-up.’ There’s nothing to be done once a deadline has expired and you’re late in handing in a proposal, quotation, report, or any number of other things that may be required for a project to move forward.

There’s a reason for things having deadlines attached to them, figuring out why this is important and then doing whatever it takes shows those who are depending on you that you take your role within their organization as seriously as they do. It also proves that you can be trusted to work remotely in the first place and that you’re not short-changing them when it comes to your time …