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MODULE 4 The "soft skills" to be more effective

Soft Skils

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1. Soft skills are …

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2. What are the benefits of Soft Skills?

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3. Remote teamworking …

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4. In remote working digital competences are

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5. Critical thinking is

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6. One of the main causes of stress-related to working from home is …

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Soft skills are personal characteristics that are vital for success and job advancement. They are often tied to how you interact and work with others. Soft skills make it easier to develop relationships with others, making you more visible for the right reasons and opening up more job options for you.

You’ll need soft skills regardless of \what job you have or where you work. For many people, developing soft skills is the most challenging task.

You have a soft skills gap when your staff has a lot of technical talents but none of the soft skills. Soft skills go hand in hand with hard talents, enabling your company to make the most of its technical competence.